99 € per month
  • Up to 5 hotels
  • Up to 3 custom searches
  • Standard customer support
  • Scanning 1x / day


149 € per month
  • Up to 10 hotels
  • Up to 5 custom searches
  • Standard customer support
  • Scanning 1x / day


299 € per month
  • Up to 20 hotels
  • Up to 10 custom searches
  • Premium customer support
  • Get expert advice
    for optimal searches
  • Scanning 2x / day
  • See future prices with the
    amazing timelines feature(!)

Try before you buy

Want to do a free trial? That's possible! Please contact us and we will create a fully working user account for you. Try all features for 1 week, then decide if you want to buy. Your account is will get deactivated automatically after 1 week. No costs, no fuzz.

Check yourself

Check our own rate settings from an outside perspective. Maybe you accidentally entered wrong prices or forgot to open room rates for future periods. HotelMonitor will show your settings transparently.

Compare your rates

Compare your rates and prices with those of other hotels. See what rates they offer at what prices. Define custom searches, like for example "3 nights, 2 persons" for a check-in in 30 days.

Timeline feature

Our amazing timeline feature shows your competitor prices for the next 6 months. See what rates they sell at what price. In short: see their pricing strategy!