StatusBarBean - A reusable statusbar JavaBean component

About StatusBarBean

StatusBarBean is a reusable javabean component. It provides a statusbar, as typically seen at the bottom of applications (like e.g. your web-browser).

StatusBarBean can be used to display:
  1. text messages (text gets cleared automatically after some time)
  2. progress by means of a progressbar.


  • very easy to use
  • customize text, tooltip, display-mode, timer, etc.
  • works in your favourite Java-IDE (netbeans, eclipse, etc.)
  • icons, BeanInfo class and Editor class included
  • open source, GPL
  • matured (in use in commercial apps)
Use the statusbar to provide intuitive feedback to your user.

Use-case 1: set the text of the statusbar. The bean will take care of the rest: it displays the message for some time and then cleares the statusbar automatically. This is implemented by an internal timer (timeout is customizable of course)

Use-case 2: switch the statusbar to progress-bar mode and display the progress of a process.


click for zoom!
StatusBarBean shows the StatusBarBean in an application.
StatusBarBean in progressBar-mode.
StatusBarBean property editor for StatusBarBean in netbeans.

Code Examples

import omw.StatusBarBean.*;


StatusBarBean statusBar = new StatusBarBean();

// display a message and wait a bit
statusBar.setMessage("this is a message...");

// switch to progressbar mode and show some progress
for (int i = 0; i <= 100; i=i+5) {

// switch back to text mode
statusBar.setMessage("all done.");

Note: the jar package contains a demo (


Download the latest version here.

Licence and Source Code

General Public Licence (GPL).
Full source code is included in the jar package.


Contact the authors trough by email.

last update: 22. Apr. 2008